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Default drumdial vs tension watch setting

Hi folks,

I've been searching but having difficulty finding an answer....
How does the Tama tension watch measurement equate to the drumdial measurement?

I've seen from ...


"This means that if both the Tension Watch and DrumDial were to measure the same movement of distance, the dial readout needle on the Tension Watch would move 2-1/2 times as far as the DrumDial. Or, the Tension Watch would move 2-1/2 small marks for every 1 small mark on the DrumDial."

...but if thats true... then 50 on drumdial would be 125.... which doesn't work... because my tama watch only goes to 100.


"If you want to convert Drum Dial numbers to Tension Watch Numbers, just subtract 5."

...ah... really?

... does anyone have both? What are pairs of measurements between the two. If we had some comparision points... we could probably put together an equation?

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