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Default Re: Vic Grip Versus Zildjian Dip

I find it interesting that people here seem to have more problems more with the Zildjians than the Vics. I have the complete opposite experience. I've been playing the Zildjian dips for the last couple of years and I probably have had 2 or 3 sticks wear through the dip. I agree though that the wood they are made of is softer. They wittle down and make a mess, and I usually end up breaking the stick way before the grip wears off. On the other side, I tried a pair of Gregg Bissonette sticks with the Vic Grip because I though they felt good in the store. I bought them and used them that night at a gig and wore (and tore) right through the grip in one night. It's a shame because I actually prefer Vics over the Zildjians as feel and wood durability goes.
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