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Default Re: Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
My tryout story is a bit different. It was me trying out for a band prior to the one I'm in now. Original material band. I get sent some songs, & get them down just fine prior to the audition.

At least you got sent the material.
In one of my 1st auditions ever, I tried out for a band who did 'originals' none of it online or even a myspace etc . they were very un-planned communicators, called me only one day before the audition to when/where to show up, but gave me NO material to listen to before hand. Not one note. I show up. They rehearsed in a tiny one room shack, dirt floor, leaky. Rats could have lived in the bass drum. To save space all microphone stands were inverted and nailed to the ceiling lol!! At least they had imagination. The drum kit had hihats that would not open, floor tom heads covered with 5 bumper stickers, but worst, all the cymbals in/on one tall stand, kind of a tree of just all cymbals up to the ceiling. How do I play that? Well I play that by just using my un-opening hats.

OK I'm not a snob, we'll give it a go. I am thinking we'll do some standard covers, but they launch right into their originals, 8 in a row, like I am supposed to have heard them all already, allover the radio. They start each one saying. "this one goes like this"....WTF, I try to play along. It was awful of course, they looking dumbfounded at me as to why I don't know parts or cannot play the right fill. I should have just got up and told them their expectations were ridiculous. But I persevered. Dumb.

I've been through a few since then and I agree with you, when things are not going well its best to stand up, pipe up and say whats on your mind, and even leave if need be.
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