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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
hope to make it over there some day as well. Certainly to Andy's lovely estate...
Estate is way too grand a title. It's a cottage with a small bit of land :) BTW, you're welcome anytime.

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
also larry, one thing that us americans will find strange and it was confusing at first, when you go to a pub to eat, the waiters only bring your order, they dont take it. you go to the bar to place it and they bring it over and set the table at that time, also for some reason they dont expect to be tipped?? we left 20% as usual anyway.
In the UK, traditionally, a tip is only given upon receipt of exceptional service, & entirely at the patron's discretion. However, it is becoming usual to tip 10% unless the service is especially bad, & as it's London, that will be most of the time ;)
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