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Default Re: i am a serial snare head killer

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
We need a video that clearly shows your technique. We really can't tell much from a picture. Your snare does seem kind of low, that would contribute. The one pic with you in the blue T shirt, your stick is fairly parallel to the floor. That would be a good angle to strike the drum on, but clearly you have like 8" to go before the strike. Too much IMO. Try raising your snare drum so your stick hits it as parallel to the drumhead as possible.
Yeah, I like to have my snare about "belt buckle" height, tilted slightly toward me (one notch on a geared snare stand, for example). That way, when my stick is parallel to the floor it is naturally going to hit the drum at jut the right angle, and rimshots are east to do by tilting my wrist up just a tiny bit. Efficiency of motion is the key to long term playing without injury.

You might want to try the SD9 or SD10 if you feel the most comfortable with the bigger maple sticks. They have an oval (SD9) or acorn (SD10) bead instead of the round bead, they might work for you.
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