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Default Re: i am a serial snare head killer

Originally Posted by keaganobrien View Post
thanks ill try those 3a's
these were all taken in the last month or so ive always had my snare like this

i always grip to tightly if i have anything smaller than a .630 in my hand it just doesnr feel comfortable! mix that with sweat and i get blisters
on the plus side i cant remember the last time i dropped a stick.. i dont break sticks either and these are maple

what kind of exercises would an instructor use tryed to get him to remdy my killing spree
It depends on the instructor.

Maybe something like the freestroke? Probably any exercise that focuses on relaxing the hands and letting the stick do the work. That shouldn't be too hard with a large stick.

Check out videos of Joe Morello, Tommy Igoe, or Jojo Mayer to get an idea of what it looks like to play relaxed and effortlessly.

There are also quite a few forum members that do lessons via Skype. Bill Bachman comes to mind.
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