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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Hello to all.
My name is Mark Hall, and i'm part of the malleus team.
With Andy's prompting, i have joined my first drum forum - drummerworld.

My thanks to Andy for posting a thread about my pedals.

Andy has covered alot of the questions you guys have put forward already.
(Again, he has my thanks!)

I'm a new member on drummerworld - but i will do my very best to answer any questions/concerns you folk may have.
I value constructive input from fellow drummers. It allows me to improve my design.

On the hex subject - Generation 3 of the pedals (in production now) will feature the same hex key size throughout. - 4mm AF
All settings inc double pedal parts will run with 4mm hex keys.
Andy has covered the reasons we use high tensile fixings, so i wont go over it again.

My point - with everything needing a 4mm hex key - it is very easy for us to supply 2 or 3 keys per pedal.

The picture below shows a bondhus style hex key.
These keys allow up to 25 deg miss-alignment when in use.
I can see this factor being a distinct advantage on ANY pedal.....but you wont get it with a standard tunning key.
I love these hex keys - in my workshop - i couldn't live without them.
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