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Default Re: i am a serial snare head killer

Originally Posted by keaganobrien View Post
some facts about me

-hard hitter but not a basher
-playing ambassdors for 10 years- occasional dent if i was tense swapped heads maybe every year because of dents
- since 3 months ago cant finsh 30 minute set without denting snare (not toms) head to the point it has no rebound
-vic firth sd2 round tip only stick i play i get blisters that put me out for a week with other sticks that arent 6.50 in dia
-2 loud rock bands (not metal, pocket 4x4 dance grooves & rockabilly/swing)
-triple flange hoops i have 10+ 13&14 inch snares from 3.5 - 10... all them i dent now
-snare is set up pointing down towards bd slightly.. 50's style; i play lots of rim shots

of course ive tried 2 plys other 1 plys from compaines that arent remo

only head ive found that lasts a whole set, mic'd on stage or in a rehersal studio is emepror x with the dot (sounds like choked farts)

ive heard round tips dent easly but the dents im getting are a mix of little dots and then huge craters that look like the taper of the stick

my inquries
-its my techiqunce? what can i practice to make myself not a a serial drum head killer
-its the sticks? little round tips are really this destructive? wtf?
-should i try acorn or something? i need something with a wide diameter
No offense intended, but if one has to ask if it's a technique problem, then it probably is. I only mention that because you said you were getting blisters. That's usually an indication that you're doing something wrong. Seek out a qualified teacher in your area, even if it's for a lesson or two to get you straightened out.

It's also possible that it could be a stick issue. Round tips do dent heads quite easily.

As for heads, Aqauarian has a relatively new head called Triple Threat. It's three layers of 7mil.

That should stand up to quite a beating. Maybe you could try those if they are available near you.
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