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Default Re: Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

My tryout story is a bit different. It was me trying out for a band prior to the one I'm in now. Original material band. I get sent some songs, & get them down just fine prior to the audition. I turn up on time, set up, & we run through the songs I was sent. I kept everything absolutely simple - no farting about whatsoever. Anyhow, after each song, the singer kept asking me to play faster, even though I was playing at exactly the tempo of the recorded songs. He then starts requesting totally different beats to their own originals. I oblige, even though his suggestions were crap. This singer was obviously the band leader, but kinda on steroids. The other band members were almost silent through the audition. It was obvious to me that he wanted total control. "Fine, if your paying me, but you're not" was going through my mind. Anyhow, I asked if he'd mind me putting my own stuff to one song that I quite liked. He reluctantly said OK. We went through the track. It was obvious to everyone but the singer that it sounded much better (less busy/frantic), with more purpose & power, but he was having non of it.

I cut the "audition" short, said openly that I didn't think I was a good fit for the band, & left. In the following weeks, I received phone calls from both the guitarist & bass player, saying they really wanted me in the band. I told them the reason for my decision, & they "understood". The singer called me too, & I gave him my reasons, although he didn't see what the issue was.

Glad I didn't get caught up in that :)
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