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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

Thanks for your answers!

I'm actually really happy with the red - it looked somewhat brighter before the clearlaquer of course but this is the color I actually intended to have!

I guess they definitely look way better with the hardware on it.. I'll post some pictures when they're done and maybe also some live pictures (I will need this kit on March, 30)..

What I need to do before I can put more laquer on it is removing some blisters from the veneer.. It was pretty difficult to glue the veneer to the shell.. I put a lot of pressure on it but on a very few parts of the shell there seemed to be either no glue or not enough pressure.
So yeah, quite some work to do on:
bassdrum, 16" floor, 14" floor... Only if I can get these blisters removed I should consider putting a high gloss on it, as you will see every little inaccuracy..

We'll see!

I'll keep you updated!
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