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Default Re: Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

I have a bizarre tryout story. I was answering an ad to be the guitarist for a cover band. They gave me 3 songs to audition with, and I nailed them. The drummer, who placed the ad, said, "Well, it looks like we got our guitarist!" The bass player seemed unimpressed. For the next 2 rehearsals, same thing--10 songs per rehearsal, I nail them all with backing vocals, the drummer is ecstatic, but the bass player doesn't say a word and just shows looks of discontentment. In telephone conversations with the drummer, he assures me that the bass player is just "odd" in social situations. It turns out that the bass player didn't like me because I was 23...didn't matter that I could nail the parts. He didn't like younger guys being in the band. The "looks" started to make sense, and I found out after getting an apologetic boot from the drummer, that the bass player was calling the shots. I'm still frustrated about that to this day. At least you had the decent idea to come right out and talk to the guitarist during the audition...
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