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Default Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

So I play guitar and drums and I feel like I'm pretty competent in both areas. For a while we were trying to find a drummer because I wrote a lot of the guitar parts and so it was just kind of assumed I'd be the guitar player. But we have NOT been able to find a drummer. So I said "well lets try to find a guitarist and I'll play drums if we find one". So we tried this guy out today.

First of all, I sent him 2 songs to learn and his response was "yeah cool I could definitely write something over that". And I was like "These are already existing parts that we need you to learn for now." he mentioned doing solos and I told we were not interested in someone who wants to slap guitar solos on everything. and he said that was cool, so no harm no foul.

He shows up late and doesn't apologize or anything, not that it was a huge deal or anything, but it would normally be common courtesy just throw out a "sorry Im late guys" and it wouldn't have been a big deal.

I have my Vox AC30 already set up for him to use, and he says "oh I'll use my own". kind of dumb, but its cool, people like their own gear, but it was only dumb because he brought in some hartke solid state head with a crate cab and it sounded awful. Also, he clearly did not take care of his gear.

Then we get to the playing. We sent him 2 songs to learn. I have the tracks from where we recorded, so I just sent him drums and lead for him. the whole first song was ridiculous. He was so far off it was distracting everyone else. He was essentially writing his own part over the songs, which I specifically told him not to do.

We got done playing the 1st song and the bass player says "You wanna try running over that one again" and I just said "lets just move on to the next song". We get to the first chorus and I just stopped everything because he basically started soloing over stuff and I was like "Look man... I dont want to waste your time or ours, but you clearly did not come prepared, you didnt learn the parts, you seem like you barely even listened to the songs, this is just really not going to work out"

I just had to vent a little bit. I cannot understand what goes through these people's heads. His "solo work" was unbelievably terrible and as a musician who takes music very seriously, I dont understand how you can do something like that and think it sounds good. Now at the same time, we are not divas looking for a puppet, we would love someone who can give their input, but you dont come to a band tryout and tell them you rewrote the parts. We just wanted to find someone who we really got along with, could play the parts, and be respectful, so it was just kind of offensive when he literally even said "I mean the song is super simple I could write better parts over that anyway". It just blew my mind how someone can be that rude and immature. rant over. thanks for listening.

any fun try out stories?
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