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Default Re: My homemade octoban project

I keep saying that "I'm done!" but I just added my homemade acrylic octobans and moved some things around to accommodate them. Hope you enjoy!

Tama 6 pc. (with added 8" birch tom stained and poly to match) Silverstar Birch with Tamo Ash outer wrap (8', 10", 12" rack toms, 14" and 16" floor toms, 14 X 5 snare, 22" kick)
4 homemade shorty acrylic octobans (11, 12, 13, 15")
14" Sabian HHX Evolution primary hats
14" Sabian HH Dark X-Hats
22" Sabian AAX Metal Ride
16" Sabian HH Thin Chinese
17" Sabian HHX-Treme crash
18" Sabian HHX-Plosion crash
18" Sabian AAX Freq crash (!!!)
16" Istanbul Mehmet Radiant Sweet Crash
18" Istanbul Mehmet Carmine Appice Realistic Rock China
12" Wuhan China
8" Istanbul Agop Sultan Splash
10" Istanbul Mehmet Rock Splash
12" Sabian Mike Portnoy Signature Splash
Evans Black Chrome batter heads on Toms
Evans General Resonant heads on Toms
Evans G1 heads on octobans
Evans HD Dry coated head on snare/Hazy300
Evans EQ4 Kick drum batter
Remo Powerstroke 3 kick drum reso
Pearl P2000 double pedals, Hi-hat stand and remote hi-hat stand
Eccentric Systems Quick Torque Cams
Billdidit Hi-hat Drop Clutch and Wash Control
Vic Firth Gavin Harrison Signature sticks
Audix and Shure mics
Pork Pie throne

Here is a quick video I had taken today, just to give an idea of the kit's sound. I play the octobans a couple times during the video.
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