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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

How did Keith Moon play!!!!!!!
He played by the seat of his pants! Almost like he had tied a rope to his belt and lowered himself down from the rafters over the drum kit just good enough to be able to reach everything. when he got behind a drum kit his mind set was... if you don't like my driving then get the hell off the sidewalk! When he drank...If 3 were good then 10 would be better.

He loved the attention but I think it was becoming harder and harder to keep up playing the role of the crazy party animal drummer. Age was starting to catch up and I think he was getting tired of playing the role. Anywhere he went people expected him to play the role so they could get their laughs.

I think he was trying to make the adjustments to give up the booze and re-invent himself.
I can't often help but wonder what may have been If he or bonham could have gotten sober and re-appeared back on the scene some time in the eariy 80's. Just Imagin what one of those guys would have done if they got their hands on some of the modern updated gear that was on the way.
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