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Default Re: Snare Wires for Ludwig Supraphonic or Acrolite

To add a little more detail, I was actually re-heading my Acrolite yesterday afternoon, and did stop to look at the snare bed profile. I didn't measure (since I hadn't seen this thread at that point), but based on memory I would say the bed was about 1/8 to 3/16" deep, and very wide, probably 9", give or take. So it has a very gradual, smooth taper in the bed, which does make the bed a little more subtle. An interesting comparison is visible in the thread in the Drums forum about the crimped snare beds on some Joyful Noise snares. Those looked narrow and deep, comparatively.

Also, FWIW, I've been using 42 strand Gibraltar wires on my Acro. I like the extra sizzle on this drum, and with the wide beds, it works well.
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