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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

I agree - very nice work! Congrats - and that whole project took you a while.
My frist impression from the pics you posted on facebook was that I didn't like that red hue too much but I guess that's the difference between looking at pictures and seeing those shells in the flesh. Plus, the hardware and finally all drums set up will surely provide far more visual impact as they do now. The shells look way more attractive than in the original state! And then, it's 'only' your 2nd/live kit ;-)

Another thought of mine was first staining the shells with a dark (maybe even black) hue, then sanding the stain off to a certain degree (to bring out the grain considerably more - as is typically done with e.g. guitar veneers, and that's where I know this approach from) and then put on the final stain. Having some Burst effect would have been a nice choice, too. Those shells would have looked very nice by adding just a little bit of a yellow/brownish hue, too.
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