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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
Just my non engineering opinion, and i really like these pedals honesly, i couldnt live with the hex screws. i have dropped my key on a dark stage and somtimes it take 30 looong seconds to find it. a hex key would end up in another dimesion and leave me helpless to set up my pedals and the fear of that alone is a no deal for me. engineering aside, practicality wins over for me. i like the fact the my key fits all of the pieces of my kit and my pedals. i carry more than one key, and in this case a backup hex key makes sense i guess but i just cant get past that for some reason. its like the left hand thread scews, some people hated the idea of that and this is one thing i seem to not like one these pedals. i have to let it go damnit!!!!!!!
In many ways, I agree, & certainly with the practicality of only needing one key, but sometimes (not necessarily on this pedal), access dictates a drum key isn't great. Drum keys need a clearance around them to enable them to function. That means a generous counterbore in any application that requires the screw to be recessed. Equally an issue, any application where the screw is in close proximity to a shoulder, meaning the drum key can't rotate.

Sometimes compromises are required, & it depends which side of the fence you fall. Inevitably, you'll end up displeasing some & satisfying others.
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