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Default Re: My homemade octoban project

[quote=dat yeti;1116870]
Originally Posted by Embalmer View Post
I got the hardware from, but I wouldn't recommend them because I had to wait over 2 months for it. I'm STILL waiting for the heads I ordered back in early December.

Oh cool, and thanks for the info. Would you recommend anyone else instead of

Overall great job and thank you for the info on making these octobans as I plan to in the future as well.

Thanks! Drummaker's products are top notch, but sadly, customer service isn't. If you're in no hurry (like months) then by all means order from them. I STILL don't have my heads that I ordered back in December so I sourced 4 new ones on and they were shipped immediately. Give them a shot.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Very impressive. Looks factory-perfect. What a neat project and thanks for sharing the process. Enjoy them!

I would like some better focused photos.
I will take some today with my Panasonic Lumix, all the earlier pics were taken with my iPhone, except for the finished photos on the carpet.
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