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Hahaa, good thread.

My screen name is actually my teen age nickname translated from my native language (Serbo-Croatian), as accurately as possible, considering it's a non-formal phrase.
It dates from the early 90's when I started growing wild-style-r'n'r hair and it looked like a BUSH on my head. Considering my lifestyle back then the other part MANIAC came 'naturally'. lol

For the record, the original nick was 'Zbunijak' (non-formal word) and here's an explanation:
'Zbun' - in mother tongue = Bush
'ijak' - part of the word 'manijak' = Maniac.

Later I dropped the letter 'A' from 'Maniac' because I found it more 'suitable' to summarize my interests in indigenous and ethnic cultures, especially music & rhythms, yet to keep it close to the original nickname.
And so Bushmanic is born! :)

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