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Default Re: Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!

Just ordered today; 14x6,5" Starphonic Bronze (60th Anniversary Limited Edition), made from Meinl bronze

I also have a 14x6,5" Tama SLP Power Maple

And previously I have owned (now sold...):
14,6,5" Swingstar steel (80's)
14x5,5" Rockstar steel (2003)
14x5,5" Superstar birch (2008)
14x5,5" Starclassic Performer Birch in Blue Galaxy Fade (2005)
14x6,5" Starclassic Maple in Honey Gold (2000)
14x5,5" Starclassic Maple in Piano Black (2000)
14x7" John Tempesta Signature Brass (2007)
14x5,5" SLP Vintage Steel (2012)
Mapex Saturn IV, Cherry Mist Rosewood Burl
Pearl Masters BCX, Piano Black
Paiste cymbals
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