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Default Re: Drum Tuning iPhone App

I am really glad to have found this website. I purchased Tune-bot before iDrumTune came out. I am very happy with Tune-Bot. I have to say that I was a somewhat sceptical that iDrumTune would be comparable. After using it I have to admit that I am really impressed. The accuracy is spot on, and I get very similar readings from both products.

Although not too bad at tuning drums by ear, I love having an objective way to check my tunings. It also lets me experiment with different tunings, safe in the knowledge that I can go back to my standard tuning at any time.

In terms of value for money, iDrumTune is a great product, as is its ability to display the sound waveform and spectrum.

A few of improvements would make this product even greater for me:

- adding a note display on the left of the Hz display, e.g "A" preferably in the same size as the Hz display. I find the current note display quite small, and you have to hunt for the green arrow left and right to check what note has been picked-up. An alternative would be for the note display to be centered on the green arrow, as psychologically it would mimic the sharpness of flatness of a pitch.

- adding an Octave value to the note display e.g "A4" (for middle A). This would be a very useful addition for musicians used to thinking in terms of notes and octaves.

- on older hardware (e.g my iPhone GS3) it can take up to four seconds for the pitch to be calculated and the new waveform displayed. The first few times I used the app I thought it wasn't working as the display didn't change when I hit my drum. It would be really useful if the moment you hit the drum the display could either clear, or change colour to signify that a hit has been registered. For instance the green iDrumTune logo at the top of the screen could change colour to red, and then back to green once the pitch was calculated. Or maybe a small LED light type display going from green to red and back again to show the app is busy calculating the pitch,

- another possible improvement would be to display both F0 and F1 pitches as the app calculates them anyway. That way you'd have the fundamental on one line and the first harmonic underneath, with maybe the fundamental in a bold font and the first harmonic in a regular font.

- finally, some sort of user tuning library would be very useful too.

Thank you for a great app,


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