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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by muzz View Post
That hoop clamp and adjustable footboard pin is an awesome idea, I have a few questions regarding the setup though:
It looks like the pedal/clamp can rotate on that pin, does it ever turn sideways, especially if it gets some slop?
If that hoop clamp ever comes off the bass drum in transit, you'd better have another 1 handy- I imagine you can buy a spare separately?
The center shaft that everything attaches to seems to be round, I'm wondering if this will be prone to slippage, especially as more time/use goes on.

The adjustable angle beater head is cool, it doesn't seem to mess with the footboard angle.

I've never played a direct drive, only a strap drive(old leather slingerland from the 60's), a single chain camco, and now my dbl chain 3K.

Looks nicely engineered, with a lot of thought given to it for sure.
I'm sorry I'm late back on this. I have been on the forum in the last few days, but I've also been ultra busy. I spent some time with Mark (Malleus Pedals) the other day. Mark's machining shop is where we make all our Origin series hardware. He was showing me the latest pedal design adjustments, & they all make perfect engineering sense to me.

The pedal can rotate on the ball anchor fitted to the bass drum hoop. This is a deliberate feature to allow players to adjust the angle of the pedal to the drum. I tried a double setup, as their endorsing artist just happened to be setting up his kit to test the latest adjustments. Man, those doubles are as fast as hell. Way too fast for this old fart to fully exploit. Each pedal has a grip tape to the underside that keeps them nicely planted. No movement whatsoever.

I do want to take one design point, & that's the use of hex screws (cap head or otherwise) instead of drum key operated screws. Hex screws are stronger size for size, & also access with a hex key is typically better. For those reasons, we're using hex screws for the string/ribbon clamps on our new strainer. I get the 1 tool convenience of using tension screws for everything, but the fact is, they're not always the best engineering choice.

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
Someone needs to do a review!

- Reggae Mangle
Rhythm magazine have just done a comprehensive review. I believe it will appear on the Music Radar site over the next few weeks. i'm informed they gave Malleus pedals 5 stars.

Originally Posted by konaboy View Post
That might have something to do with NO ONE on here besides Andy has tried them. And since he's fairly busy building drums this probably isn't the first thread he checks.
Yes, sorry this is a single source thread. These pedals were only launched at LDS in October, so they're very new indeed. I'm no pedal expert. It's not something I concentrate on, but I did think they were worthy of bringing to the attention of forum members.
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