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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!


Real name? Jon
Age? 38
How long have you been playing? about 3 months
Origin of user name? don't remember, I've been using it for many years!
Your top 5 drummers? Chad Smith, Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, ......
Make of drumkit? currently a Ddrum D2 kit, but just ordered a Tama Silverstar.
Make of cymbal? Sabian, slowly upgrading from B8's to AA's
Where do you practice? In my house, bedroom studio
Are you in a band? kinda. Just some friends that play in my house
Do you play covers or originals? both
What style of music? rock, classic rock, trying some jazz
Favourite take out food? chinese
What country do you live in? US of A!
How did you start drumming? I'm a guitar player, and I like recording, so I wanted to try drums as well. I traded a guitar for my current set and fell in love with drumming. So with my recent tax return, I decided to buy a better set.
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