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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by muzz View Post
That hoop clamp and adjustable footboard pin is an awesome idea, I have a few questions regarding the setup though:
It looks like the pedal/clamp can rotate on that pin, does it ever turn sideways, especially if it gets some slop?
If that hoop clamp ever comes off the bass drum in transit, you'd better have another 1 handy- I imagine you can buy a spare separately?
The center shaft that everything attaches to seems to be round, I'm wondering if this will be prone to slippage, especially as more time/use goes on.

The adjustable angle beater head is cool, it doesn't seem to mess with the footboard angle.

I've never played a direct drive, only a strap drive(old leather slingerland from the 60's), a single chain camco, and now my dbl chain 3K.

Looks nicely engineered, with a lot of thought given to it for sure.
I guess my questions above were so mundane that they didn't deserve a response?

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