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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

As of March 4th, CDX is back open
I contacted Danny, and we emailed a few times a few weeks ago, and we had some nice conversations. I was going to post about what he said, but it was close to the opening.
Danny told me he wanted to come on the site and say something, but he thought it might just cause confusion, and not really be productive, so he stayed away.

Here is a link to the site, and an explanation of the happenings with the company.
This is part of the statement:
CDX also paid out refunds to those who asked for one, in the order received, until the funds ran out. It has always been my intention and that of CDX to refund anyone who wanted one and to produce sticks for those who are waiting (no matter how long the wait). I can say that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and those who have waited will receive their orders in the end.

...I want to take this opportunity to personally apologize to all of you who were affected by all that went on and the delays some of you have experienced. We will make it up to you. My wife and I have taken out substantial loans to make this dream of the American/local small business a reality. Our personal liability and drive to keep this company going speaks to our passion and dedication to CDX. I appreciate everyone's understanding and look forward to working with and speaking with all of you as we rebuild CDX back into the custom stix powerhouse we are!
Remember, I'm always here for you, so email me anytime!
Danny (

I'll still be on board with CDX in the future.
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