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Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
Aw, man, soft and mushy is exactly what I'm trying to avoid! :( Karl, is that how you'd describe the Gibraltar?
I thought the feel of the Gibraltar could get quite robust. It depends on where the spring is set. On the lower tension, yeah, it would feel very "easy". I never had it on a low setting because I don't like a soft feel on pedals.

I like the look of those 9000 pedals, but they feel too soft to me (it's the moving spring mechanism at the base), but if you like the 9000 bass drum pedal, then you might like the hat stand. You'll just have to spend the extra dough.
I'd say, factor everything in--yes, including how you feel looking at it (haha!)--and see if it's worth the extra amount.
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