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Default Re: New piece for marimba and string quartet

Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
Maybe Andy means Padauk? Funny how that's considered a 'second-rate' marimba hardwood, but translates so well to drums. My Padauk stave snare is a total beast, and it's only 13x5!
Yes, sorry, I was referring to padauk. A wonderful wood, if the drum's designed to work with it's characteristics.

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
...on a side note, Honduran Rosewood doesn't sound all that great as a drum set hardwood. I played on a solid rosewood kit 3 weeks ago, 12/14/20, and I wasn't impressed. The tuning was spot on, too. I'd love to hear a rosewood stave kit, though...
I'm with you on Honduran rosewood - quite dry & bright, but very nice as a steam bent snare :) caddy, when you say solid, do you mean hollow log, or are you just referring to a ply shell made of the same wood? East Indian rosewood does make for a lovely drum though :)

Sorry OP, unintentional derail. I listened to your piece again this morning. What quality! :) :) :)
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