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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stands

They're all good, you can't really go wrong. I chose the dw9000 one.

I have since tried the tama level glide and it didn't really feel much different to the 9000 so I think if I were you I'd get the dw because it matches your double kick. One thing I love about the dw is the cam system, there is a bit of play before the cam engages and the top hat lifts, it's like the first stage just reduces clamping pressure and this is great for playing little sloshy half open hat stuff and I've never felt this with any other pedal.

Don't get me wrong, I'd happily buy the tama too.

I also own a mapex falcon pedal and I wouldn't hesitate to get their hi-hat stand. If you like the quick release hi-hat clutch, you can also buy one separately from gibraltar, I'm gonna get one soon too.

The gibraltar one I've tried and it's very soft and mushy feeling compared to the other ones, alot less direct which could be good or bad depending on how you like your hat stand to feel. I think the footboard is ugly though. And that little extra foot looks stupid.
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