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Default Re: Ludwig LM918HH Pro Float Hi-Hat Stand - adjustments

This stand is like the Gibraltar Liquid Drive stand I had. The feel is super even. About exactly the same going down and coming back.

The black plate (under the foot board, and going up the side) should be loosened until the 2 main legs are where you want them/are most stable. When that is set where you want it, then you tighten the key screws on the side of the plate. Once that's done, you really don't have to mess with anything again. On mine. I needed to have the small key bolts pretty loose to get everything straight before I tightened everything up.

The small third leg keeps everything extra stable on different surfaces--because we all know, all stages and risers are perfectly flat :-P The cool thing is the small leg can go pretty much anywhere around the stand.
Spring adjustments (tighter, looser) are made by the little lever between the legs.

Have fun with your hat stand!
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