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Default Re: JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie Interview....

Just saying I wasn't there and neither was you. Here's some knowledge and hopefully some wisdom for yet another frustrated drummer....I got more too.....real journalism. You Dig?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
And using my very same analogy as my five year old daughter, Santa Claus is a reality. He gave her presents last December.....I mean, she's playing with them now......doesn't get any more "real" than that does it? Perception doesn't always equal reality, my friend.

You're calling yourself the journo about you "get off your balls" and do some journalism? The real kind......the old fashioned kind. You know, where you research the facts and provide some evidence, instead of taking someone's word purely because of "just how good" he is.

Oh sorry, I forgot....this is the internet. The new age. Facts no longer count for squat......things no longer need to be proven. At least, not now that anyone who can type to a basic grade three level can sit on a computer and spout opinions, do they?

Come on dude........go to work, get something tangible, convince me I'm wrong. Show me some concrete evidence to back the claims. Who knows, you may just make a legitimate name for yourself in doing so. Blow open one of rock's greatest conspiracies. Beat Chuck Rainey to the punch. What say you? Up to the challenge?

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