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Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post
I have a 1200D which is a 2-leg stand. I think it's the same as what you're thinking of - either a different year or territory name etc. Either way, it's a decent piece of kit - locking clutch, spring loaded spikes in the feet, rotatable legs, easy spring adjustment, built like a tank etc.
They actually are differently models- the 1200D having the direct chain link, and the 1200T having something called "toggle drive". However I'm sure the build quality and other stuff applies to both.

Originally Posted by scarlit View Post
I own the IC lever glide and DW9000. I like the IC more. Both are heavy as hell.
Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
I too like my Tama Lever Glide hi hat stand. I've had mine for about five years and never had an issue with it and it's also the only two legged stand that I own.
Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
I like the Tama Lever Glide too, but I don't own one. It always feels good at the shop when I put my foot on it to test hats out. Feels good even standing up.
Man, you guys love that one. I might see (if i choose this one) if I could get the Speed Cobra footboard, since I prefer the look and the longboard might lend itself to my HH playing more than my kick pedal.

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
I also never had any problems with either of my Tama Road Pros.
Yeah, I've never had any big problems, but it just seems lackluster. Also, strangely sort of unresponsive, even with the spring at either extreme.

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
I owned a Gibraltar Liquid Drive hat stand. I had it for almost 5 years.
As far as an ugly foot board, I was neutral about it's look.
It felt smooth with bare feet (but doesn't look like it would).
I know we all get OCD over stuff, but, who sees the foot board under a foot?
I'm sure I'd get over it but as a kind of minimalism lover, the footboard kills my eyes to look at online. I'd think it'd be more prone to breakage but you don't seem to have any problems with it.

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
The Atlas PRO seems pretty cool, and has nice features, but these days, I don't even consider something that beefy. INDIVIDUALLY, the heavier stands aren't that big a deal, but 3 (or more) heavy cymbal stands, AND a heavy snare stand, AND a heavy hat stand, FT legs, etc.... no thanks haha!
As a teenager who already has some issues with his back (generally from bending more than weight)... I understand! Plus, the price of the Pro (and the 9000) have really kind of turned me off of them when I consider that I can buy the Gibraltar with the new Turning Point clutch for less than half the price...

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Another medium weight, 2 leg hat stand I own is the DW3500. I think that's the number they have now.
Stable, manageable weight, legs move either way, good height adjustment, feels good, HAS A MEMORY LOCK.
Good price & they look nice, but I fear that the direct drive would give me basically the same feel as my current RoadPro which feels to me like tofu tastes. Bland and boring.

After all this, seems like my plan is such:
1) Try an Iron Cobra stand. If I like it, buy it.
2) If not, try to find the Yamaha.
3) If unfindable, buy the Gibraltar.

Thanks for all your guys' help!
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