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Default Re: JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie Interview....

You all just wait for the Chuck Rainey interview....these are not claims this is reality. Weather he played on 2 tracks or 21 tracks get off your balls and deal with it.

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Just as another aside to Purdies claim that he replaced Ringo in the studio for the first three albums.

Firstly,he would have had to done this at Abbey Road ,and played live in the studio with the Beatles,because that's how they recorded

Secondly,There are 41 songs on the first three Beatle albums in total,not 21.Alan White played on the single version of "Love Me Do"Purdie is as bad at math,as he is at lying.

Lastly,listen to Ringo performance with the Beatles live.His time and fills are spot on.Speaking of fills,it's also obvious that they were played by Ringo both live and in the studio.

Steve B
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