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Default Re: Pearl Icon straight rack - proper hardware bag to protect it for transporting?

I picked up a used roto-molded plastic case with wheels, similar to this one ( ) from a Craigslist ad for the princely sum of $20. It was apparently intended to hold a pop-up truss for a tradeshow booth, but it holds the 34" main tube of my Gibraltar rack, the legs and wings, tom holders, and cymbal arms perfectly. The polyurethane construction slides in and out of truck beds very nicely. This seems to protect things better than my bag did, and still doesn't weigh a ton.

I'll eventually replace the wimpy rollers you see there with some more industrial-strength casters on a reinforcing plate. But for the moment: "cheap" is a property that excuses many faults... (;-) Sometimes the wrong tool for the job can still be the right tool for the job!
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