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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real Name - Chris (I know, I unique!)

Age - 31

How long have I been playing - Played mostly snare for 8 yrs in school, followed by about 10 years of noodling around with the acoustic guitar and electric bass, and a sit behind a kit every-so-often. Picked the sticks back up and bought a used kit three years ago, and have been happily drumming ever since.

Origin of user name - My Dad is a drummer, and he had this Buddy Rich tape called "Stick It"....I'll remember that tape for the rest of my life.

My eclectic top 5 - Joe Morello, Chad Smith, John Bonham, Steve Jordan, and Stanton Moore

Make of kit - Tama Swingstar circa '92

Cymbals - Zildjian

Practice Space - Garage-like add-on

My bands - Cowboy Church band, Nameless 3 (sometimes 4) piece "classic" rock group...if we don't intend to gig, we're still a "Band", right?

Covers or Originals - Little of both

Style - Blues to rock to country and swing....a little modern rock in the practice room

Favorite Take-out - Chinese

Country - USA

Odd fact - hmmm, which to share....I haven't had cable or satellite tv in five years, and I don't miss it.

My start - My family is full of musicians...a lot of inspiration from which to draw, on several instruments, but Dad played drums, so I wanted to too.
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