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Default Re: Beginner - want to get an E-drum kit

It's all up to personal preference, and it would be smart to go try to test some out in person. But what I would recommend is to go with Roland. They are a little more expensive, but it's for good reason. I started with a Roland TD-3 when I first got an electronic drum set. I got it used from Guitar Center and it only cost me $350 for the whole set. I upgraded pretty quickly, but not because I didn't like the TD-3, in fact it's because I really liked it and wanted more. You can also get a Roland TD-9SX with all mesh pads for $950. Most Roland bass drum triggers work with double bass pedals. There's the KD-7 that doesn't work, but that's about it. But if you don't want Roland, I'd go for Yamaha. Most people end up switching to Roland anyways though because it's definitely the best.

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