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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stands

I like the Tama Lever Glide too, but I don't own one. It always feels good at the shop when I put my foot on it to test hats out. Feels good even standing up.

I owned a Gibraltar Liquid Drive hat stand. I had it for almost 5 years.
EXCELLENT quality, EXCELLENT feel. I found it to have the exact same feel going down and up.
Super smooth, and easily adjustable for spring tension. Height tube works smoothly.
Bottom cymbal felt didn't mush out, or distort in shape.
Once set for stability, it stays there.
The small "extra leg" will move to either side (for putting the left DP foot board on the outside).
Has an integrated Memory Lock.
The chrome plating is excellent, and still looked great when I sold it.

A bit heavy, but is probably in line with the 9000 anyway.
I didn't have to because of my hardware case, but you might have to fold/unfold the little leg for transport. Takes a couple seconds. I put a marker line on it to save time, & put it in the same position every time.
If you aren't gigging, it doesn't even matter.

As far as an ugly foot board, I was neutral about it's look.
It felt smooth with bare feet (but doesn't look like it would).
I know we all get OCD over stuff, but, who sees the foot board under a foot?
If something really works well, after a day or two we usually never think about that stuff again (at least I didn't, and I'm admittedly pretty nuts about some things haha!).

Haven't tried the Ludwig Atlas PRO hat stand, but I own a Flat Base Classic Atlas hat stand and it's probably my favorite feeling hat stand.
The FB is beefy enough to be VERY stable with 15" hats played solidly, and still remain lighter weight.
If the PRO has a nicer feel than the Classic, it'd be a great feeling stand. My old Ludwig Modular (with the two outer springs) feels awesome (still, after 20+ years).

The Atlas PRO seems pretty cool, and has nice features, but these days, I don't even consider something that beefy.
I just don't want to deal with moving it (as far as the weight), but even though I play heavy rock (and play with gusto), I just don't find I need anything more than single braced stuff, and the flat base Atlas (or DW, or Gibraltar) gear I have works just great, even when bashing and crashing a 24" ride (and 20" up to 22" crashes).
Holding 3 cymbal stands in one hand, that weight about the same as one heavy duty stand is pretty cool :-)

INDIVIDUALLY, the heavier stands aren't that big a deal, but 3 (or more) heavy cymbal stands, AND a heavy snare stand, AND a heavy hat stand, FT legs, etc.... no thanks haha!

Another medium weight, 2 leg hat stand I own is the DW3500. I think that's the number they have now (one I have is a 5000, the other one has 3000 on it).
Stable, manageable weight, legs move either way, good height adjustment, feels good, HAS A MEMORY LOCK.

Good luck picking a stand!
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