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Default Re: Snare Wires for Ludwig Supraphonic or Acrolite

I DO like the PureSound Custom 20 wires I have on the snares, but I always liked the cheap-o wires I had on all the snares too.
They do have a more dense sound than "Snappy" wires. When I want a change, I'll put the Ludwig, or generic wires I have saved (on a hook) back on.

The only thing I'm "snobby" about is I use cord, and I won't use a plastic strip, or anything else. It's cord for me.

I have a set of 42's (cheap-o's) on the 5" Acro. They have been on for years. I just liked the sound and left them on.
I did put a strip of tape that spans the very edge of the top the wires where they got into the plate. I did it for some reason way back, left it, and they sound good that way, so again, I left it haha!
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