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Default Re: Snare Wires for Ludwig Supraphonic or Acrolite

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Not dissing the Puresounds, but I do think there's a danger that people make more of them than is actually warranted...

Run of the mill, steel snare wires have worked just fine for a long time now......
I agree. I had a DW Collector's maple snare that sounded better (to me) with run of the mill snare wires than with the stock DW wires (very similar to Puresounds).

More isn't always better, IMO, but I do like the Puresounds on my Supra and BB.

Note: Have I mentioned that I finally found the sweet spot on my BB and am over the moon with it? Turns out I like it tuned a lot differently than where I like the Supra tuned - I was trying to tune them to the exact same tension thinking what works for one should work for the other ... I guess not :-)
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