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Default Re: Snare Wires for Ludwig Supraphonic or Acrolite

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I use Puresound Blasters (20) on my Supra and like them. The more wires you have, the more the snare sound contributes to the overall sound. Snare wires like Puresounds already give a thicker more prominent snare sound than stock Ludwig wires, or others of similar, lighter, and less expensive design. I'd say that Puresound 20s are closer to cheaper 30s, and if you get Puresound 30s or 40s, you're going to be maxed out on snare response. You may even O.D. on it since the shell tone gets more and more buried under all that snare contribution - which is why some drummers like only 16s or less.
Interesting how the metal on these wires can make such a difference. i've yet to try Puresounds but their snares must be made of different metal or coating to give the effect of more wires with less.
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