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Default Roland TD-11 Sound Module: What's your custom drum kit settings?

When I got the Roland TD-11KV kit, I was not totally floored with the pre-defined "out-of-the-box" drum kits but after some tweaking I was able to create my own kit with sound I really like.

Snare: Custom S (#021)
Hi-hat: Custom HH (#106)
Ride: 20" Custom Ride (#144)
Crash: 16" Fast Crash (#121)
Kick: Maple K (#001)
Tom 1: 10" Maple T1 (#058)
Tom 2: 12" Maple T2 (#060)
Tom 3: 14" Maple T3 (#062)

I have disabled the ambience effects and adjusted the pad volumes a bit.

What is your custom drum kit? What instruments did you pick and what settings did you adjust?
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