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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette!!

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer
Nah hes not self-taught he went to school in Texas and hes studied with Tony Williams....

Anyways I finally got his DVD and must say hes really gotten good...I had his old DCI video and the way hes progressed with his Latin playin is unbelievable....He doesn't sound like a rocker tryin to fake a Latin groove anymore - real authentic sounding....

He comes across as a real humble - comical guy and I really like the way he continually pays homage to Tony throughout the DVD....
His new DVD is very good. Covers alot of different styles.
I have seen Gregg many, many times. Mostly from 90-93 at both Baked Potato's, Lave Le, Cafe Cordiale, Le Cafe and other places with incredible musicians including percussionists and I have never heard anyone refer to him as a "Rock Drummer" fakeing a Latin Player. The musicians he played w/at that time 15 years ago I dont think would settle for a drummer that had to "Fake" their way through any part of the music.
I believe the DCI video your refering to came out in 1990. Right after I met him and saw him at all the places I mentioned.
Also he played the same stuff on the Buddy Rich Memorial in Oct. 89 in his solo .........................didnt look fake to me.
Just thought I would throw in my two cents.

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