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Default Re: Evans Clear ECS SST or Genera 1 Coated?

Hey bigman. EC2's and G1's are in different worlds completely.

A clear EC2 will yield you a very focused and sharp attack with controlled overtones. They still retain the drum's tone.
A coated G1 will yield you a warm, ringing thump.

I personally do not like the coated G1 or coated G2. I generally will use a clear head versus a coated one unless it's on my snare (but I'm coming around there, too). I use moon gels and like the idea of being able to control WHICH overtones I want omitted. The moon gels also help to tune the drum to an exact note while recording as I listen to what the mic picks up through isolated headphones. That being said I do like the CLEAR G1 and the Clear EC2. They both get the top vote in my book. I did a comparison video on youtube and the results are that if I want a good direct attack and fast toms and don't want to spend time tweaking overtones, the EC2's are my ticket. On the other hand if I'm looking for more control over the whole tone of the drum and what overtones I want dampened, I'll go with a G1 and a couple moon gels. Both are great choices, and neither is better than the other. Ideally I'd like an EC1 but they are hard to find anymore.

I will say since trying Evans on nearly all of my drums in various shapes, sizes, and lines, I've almost written off Aquarian completely (used to be primarily an Aquarian user). Still up in the air with Remo as they still have some heads I really really like (Vintage A, Fiberskyn).
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