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Default Re: The Cigarette Trick

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Indeed Kyle, my dear friend ... but to dent a head? ... there's hard and hard ya know, lol.

I only dented heads when I took up drumming on my first ever kit with stock heads all those years ago, I never dented a head since, and trust me, I do hit hard, how on earth do you dent a head?

Nice trick with the cigarette though, I've never heard of it though until you mentioned it, this forum is great :)

Still in love with that 28" bass drum? ...if not, then... well you know what I mean, do you Kyle :-))
Haha it happens to me occasionally. Nothing serious, but every now and again if I hit off center I will get a tiny dent. I guess it has something to do with the off angle impact? I'm not sure but if I dent a head, thats where it always is. I haven't dented one dead center in a long time (sans the kick)

Speaking of my 28", I used this trick on it about two months ago. I put on a new Emp and forgot to buy a bass drum patch, so I dented it. I dent kick heads all the time lol. I got the dent out, put a patch on and viola, I was back in business. But I busted the outer layer of that one over the weekend, and I sure it was a combo of me kicking it hard and having used that trick, which does weaken the head.

The dent in my rack tom came from transporting it from the show. I had the truck loaded down and I think a mic stand fell on it. It dented right next to the "o" in Remo. I hit it with my fingers to see if it was still making good overtones and they were too muffled for a Emp. So I cooked the dent out and my overtones were back :)

I think it's time for you to go buy a 28" marching kick. You know you want one. It sounds amazing. If you run into problems I will totally help out!!!
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