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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by DogBreath
So you even admit that there are faster drummers today, they just use different techniques? Buddy was a pioneer, but I repeat, it's silly to say that there is no one faster than him today. There are many, many faster drummers, but that in no way takes away from the greatness of Buddy Rich.

Many of the threads in this topic suffer from two types of posters: those who bash, and those who give greatly inflated praise. Keep it real. Show respect for the real man, not the fairy tale.

Fan-boys do their idols a disservice by praising them beyond their actual abilities. That's the whole point of the Chuck Norris jokes: they are only funny because they are ridiculous exaggerations of someone's abilities.

(and no, that wasn't an invitation for anyone to post their favorite Chuck Norris joke!)
I hear what you're saying. There's some truth to this- I believe there may be some people who can play a faster 60 second single stroke roll who have trained it.... as far as all over virtuostic hand technique across musical (this is kind of a debateable term) boundaries, I think Buddy has it. Vinnie's got great hands, Louis Bellson does, Joe Morello, et al, I haven't heard anyone TOP Buddy. If we're measuring by WFD standards, then of course it's different.
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