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Thanks to everyone for your kind words.
No plans for any video footage at the moment but it's something i should look at (accidental pun!)
As you can see, i'm set up open handed, i started playing this way a couple of weeks ago as i was in such pain and in anticipation of my shoulder op and increasing long term carpal tunnel syndrome. I think i may carry on this way! It's certainly a challenge and presents fill possibilities that wouldn't be possible playing cross handed.
You are never too old to learn new tricks!
As far as the Oaks are concerned i'm enjoying them more each time i get behind them! The finish really is mint!
Will be changing the heads soon although the stock ones aren't that bad. I'm thinking vintage emps and a powerstroke 3. I like to hear my drums and allow them to sing with a wide open sound and try not to use much dampening unless really necessary, ie- Room size/shape, recording etc.
Would be interesting to hear opinions/preferences from other Oak custom owners past and present.

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