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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by DogBreath
So you even admit that there are faster drummers today, they just use different techniques? Buddy was a pioneer, but I repeat, it's silly to say that there is no one faster than him today. There are many, many faster drummers, but that in no way takes away from the greatness of Buddy Rich.

Many of the threads in this topic suffer from two types of posters: those who bash, and those who give greatly inflated praise. Keep it real. Show respect for the real man, not the fairy tale.

Fan-boys do their idols a disservice by praising them beyond their actual abilities. That's the whole point of the Chuck Norris jokes: they are only funny because they are ridiculous exaggerations of someone's abilities.

(and no, that wasn't an invitation for anyone to post their favorite Chuck Norris joke!)
This all regards (again) to "that" ol' controversal "cheating issue in the drumming community" kind of subject. I do think it's Buddy's own merit the high speed he's got in his lifetime and his extreme endurance using his effort-requiring wrists-techniques... you need to be certainly stronger to go through a 1-min-long or more solo at around 1.060 bps using only and just only your wrists power... the muscule, we all know how it can get tired and hurt, there's no comparision between finger muscules fatique and wrists' fatigue, and I truly think that's a merit of Mr. Buddy Rich; to his speed, strength and endurance. While others (like Mr. Mike Mangini and his "ground-breaking" "single hits" record of 1.260bps) insistently continue to use the finger technique. You cannot disconsider the extra amount of power required to sustain that Buddy Rich speed for so long time, so controlled and just hardly using the stick's rebounds and the power of his wrists; I do think the way to achieve something is something to be considered, not just the final result, from anyway, by anyone, anytime. But that's just my humble opinion anyway... a "blind fanatic" I am...maybe...

- Ivo.

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