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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
It certainly isn't for a mediocre Aussie team mindlessly fumbling it's way through a test series on the sub-continent!! If it wasn't for Clarke, they may as well pack up and come home now.

Almost football (AFL, naturally) season here in Oz.......bring it on. .
For the first time in years, no - scratch that - ever, I feel sorry for the Australian team but particularly for Clarke. There is no doubt that Clarke is a superb player and absolutely World-class. He'd make his way into any test team in the World currently playing and most of the great teams of the past. His declaration in the first innings was a bold move but one that I fully support.

The big problem is not just a lack of proven batsmen (that's a given) but also the Australian selectors looking for a 'magic bullet' spinner like Warne. Your team was spoiled with Warne and he was always superb (and one of my playing idols) but since his retirement, Australia have been looking for a like-for-like replacement. You're not going to find one. Warne was a freak. Part of what Australia needs to do is find a good spinner (like Lyon, actually) and just consistently select them - even if they are just a defensive player and not an outright wicket taker. From the top of my head I can count a number of Australian spinners that have played fewer than ten tests. How do they expect a bowler to succeed if they're just going to chop and change every few games? Even Warne struggled in the Test arena for the first few games.

It's not even like the Indian spinners are great. They're good but not great. Swann and Panesar out-bowled them during the England tour. Australia are playing spin like complete muppets.

Henri, I grew up watching Hendry. He was a real great and it's a shame he didn't retire before his ranking took a dive. I'm a big fan of Ronnie O'Sullivan but I like players that are inconsistent. Makes it exciting!
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