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Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Cricket is just a plain ol bonkers game It's like someone was screwing around out in the park and made up the rules as they went along. In case you think I only like American games; I just started getting into Snooker... That's a game I can get into. Looks more fun than standard pool to me.
One of the theories of the development of Cricket is just that. Shepherds on the downs inventing a bat-and-ball game as they went along. It is bonkers, absolutely bonkers. That's part of the reason I love it. It's unpredictable and exciting. I also find a lot of humour in it - typically I'll watch a day's play (Test, mind - I don't care for shorter formats) which is around eight hours of viewing time, go out for a cigarette and miss the crucial moment of the play. The fact that it lasts for five days and frequently ends up as a draw is brilliant.

Despite outward appearances, it's actually quite easy to understand at a basic level. It's the sort of game where you might need a more experienced viewer around to explain what exactly is going on (dismissals are the classic - try explaining the leg-before-wicket dismissal to a newbie) but the nuances are what makes it compelling and with a bit of experience, it all makes perfect sense.

Snooker is absolutely rock hard. I've played in the past on small tables but watching professional players on a table that is six foot wide and twelve feet long and placing the cue ball within an inch of perfection is mind-blowing. I'm bad enough at pool to know that snooker is not a game I'll ever win at! Even though I enjoy playing.
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