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Default Re: The Cigarette Trick

Originally Posted by The Scorpio View Post
I bought the Jeff Ocheltree Trust Your Ears DVD a few years back, and during his discussion with Steve Smith, Ocheltree talked about his Cigarette trick. This is for removing dents from drumheads. Basically you take a lit cigarette and melt the dent in a drumhead. I do it gently and never hold it over the dent for too long to avoid damaging the head. I've been using this trick for years and it works great. Just finished getting out a small dent from a clear emperor and once again, I was pleased with the results! I thought you guys might find it interesting and useful.

Also a little windex usually takes care of any discoloration cause by cigarette.

Play well and play hard!

Do Not use Windex on any coated head. If you guys remember, I sprayed Windex on a 16 inch coated Evans and with one wipe after about 2 seconds, it took the coating right off. You can check my Youtube channel for the video.
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