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Default Re: Is this a good starting set of mics for home studio?

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
The critical thing is that no matter what equipment you have, without having a sound knowledge of the different techniques and processes that recording entails, your recordings will not sound as good as you would expect. Throwing money and high-end gear at recording equipment is not the answer. In many cases, you're better off buying a reference book (I use 'Modern Recording Techniques' from Focal Press) for $35 and spending a little less on the equipment - the textbook will more than make up for the shortfall is equipment spending.

I've heard terrible recordings with high-end gear and I've heard good results with microphones that I would usually consider unsuitable (SM57s all around, including overheads). Having a combination of knowledge, experience and high-end gear will get you the best results but the knowledge is really the critical factor.

The microphones you've listed are excellent. Reading a lot more around the subject and experimenting with placement and room treatment will get you the best results.

This, this, this and this again. When I started I couldn't get a good drum sound for my life. Now I can get a decent sound out of a whole kit with just one SM57! (Totaly posible).

That said, that is a very good set of mics to start with (and a good idea to just start with good ones, learned my lesson there too!). I am going to agree with the others on the RE20 though, you will get more use out of it.
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